Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank Holiday BBQ and Burlesque!

(warning - post is picture heavy and very rambly!)

Hi everyone!

This weekend saw more gorgeous weather (at least, in Leeds!) so Simon and I decided to head down to a local beauty spot yesterday and have a BBQ / picnic with my sister, brother, his partner and my three gorgeous nieces (and not forgetting Lucy!)

The walk to the picnic spot was lovely and Lucy enjoyed the walk too!

The spot we picked was near the canal, and was perfect for sunbathing and paddling, which which Lucy, Simon and the girls took full advantage of :)

We had a lovely walk through the woods after lunch, and we had to resist picking armfuls of gorgeous bluebells that were simply everywhere.

We spent a lovely few hours by the canal side, before Simon and I headed home to get ready for this:

Last night, Simon and I had tickets to The Sunday Night Variatease Burlesque show which is a variety club, involving burlesque, cabaret, dancing and stalls filled with all manner of treasures.
Last week I had actually been asked if I wanted to have a stall there, selling my handmade bath and body products, but sadly it was too short notice, and as I havnt finished sorted out my branding and packaging, I really want my 'debut' to be perfect, so I am sticking to the Otley Gala in June for my first 'proper' stall!

Although I didnt have my own stall, it didnt stop me from buying some lovely/quirky hand made jewelry for other stalls:

Opening and ending the shows, were performances form unsigned band Madam Laycock and her Dabeno Pleasures, which were fabulous, performing in a dark cabaret style which perfectly complimented the mood of the evening (click for link and to listen to some of the songs performed) I really enjoyed thier set, and bought their CD which the band signed for me :)

The Burlesque performances themselves were great, we had some really fun tongue in cheek sets, as well as the classic 'tease' performances:

All in all, we had a fantastic weekend! How did YOU spend yours?


  1. Lovely photo's and great rambling! Glad you had such an awesome weekend.
    I've never been to a Burlesque show, but hopefully one day.


  2. Looks like you picked a great spot for a picnic :)
    I've never been to a Burlesque show either, seems to get mentioned lots on the tv these days x

  3. I love burlesque shows. We went o see the hurly burly show in London which was fab.

    X x

  4. I have never been to a burlesque show but I think it would be a fun experience. Looks like you had a great weekend.

    Stop by and join my Bath & Body Works Giveaway!

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