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Slimming World Round Two - Back On The Scales

Week Two - 14/02/11

Hi everyone!

I decided to have a seperate 'page' for my Slimming World posts, as i like that all the posts will be together and easily accessible. I will just add to this page with each post. As well as general weight related updates, I will post Slimming World recipes and things i think may be helpful or of interest from my weekly meetings :)

Yesterday was my second week at Slimming World, and my first weigh-in as a member. I decided to 'get back on the scales' after trying to go it alone and do the diet without going to class, as i still had the books from last year, but i have come to realise that i need the motivation, support and help that comes with going to the class and getting weighed every week.
I find its all too easy to cheat myself when i dont have the scales to face, and think 'oh well, i can always start the diet tomorrow' or 'its only one chocolate/crisp/haribo' when one leads to two..or three.. or the packet.
As the title suggests, this is my second time at Slimming World, i attended for a while last year, and lost a stone in weight, but it was half-hearted, i didnt really stick to the diet, i was always cheating then wondering why i didnt lose weight, or had a gain.
As this time i am determind to not only stick to the diet, but make the plan a way of life, last week i splashed out on some of the recipe books and the Directory, as well as a pocket size guide to 'snacks' so there is no excuses for cheating! (the starter pack is free when you register)

Having followed the plan all week, eating my daily 'healthy extras', counting my 'syns' and still eating out (i went to Wetherspoons and had the sweet chilli noodles, with sliced chicken on top) and having a few Vodka's, i still lost a total of 4 and a 1/2lb, which i was really pleased with.
My aim is to lose about 2-3 stones, and go from size 14-16, back to a comfortable size 10-12, which feels right for my height at 5'1''.
As i had a meal out yesterday for Valentines Day, and spent quite a lot of Syns, This week, my aim is to fill up on free foods, try out some of my slimming world recipes (so watch out for these!), and hopefully lose 2 and 1/2 lb, to hit the half-stone lost mark.

Have you got any tasty Slimming World recipes you swear by?

Would you like a post on how Slimming World works?