Tuesday, 30 November 2010

newbie :)

Hi everyone!

 I was going to wait 'til after christmas (CHRISTMAS! already!!) to start a blog, but im feeling all inspired by Kirstie's Homemade Home, Youtube,  the festive season, but mostly from Lily Ribbons (who has a truly amazing crafty blog, go and have a look, you'll be as addicted as me!) so i couldnt wait to get started!

I heart this!

So, as you may have guessed, im really starting to get into all things crafty,
and despite having owned a sewing machine for around six months, its never been out of its box (i can imagine the gasps of horror from you crafty types!) and I dont actually know how to use it (im now hanging my head in shame)  :(

                                                        My new best friend (hopefully!)

Now though, im determind to actually DO some crafts instead of just being jealous/admiring/lusting after other peoples beautiful creations,  so i collected all my hard-earned (okay, items-sold-on-Ebay) money and  went on a mad spending spree (on Ebay!)and im eagerly awaiting some  4'' fabric squares (yes, precut - im lazy!) so i can attempt to make a patchwork quilt, Again, inspiration stolen from Lily Ribbons, sorry Lily! 

Keeping me company as i wrestle the sewing machine from its box (where is Simon when i need him?!) is my gorgeous pooch Lucy 

My beautiful Lucy <3

Im hoping that by my next post, i will be snug in my cosy living room, (Lucy, as always, hogging the fire!)  busily sewing together rows and rows of little patchwork squares whilst looking at the beautiful (or horrendous, if having to travel anywhere!) snowy scenery outside. (or at  the VERY least have a working knowledge of my sewing machine! :)

I personally <3 the snow, it makes everything seem magical and christmassy!

I will try and include photo's at various stages of attempted projects, so you can follow my progress/mistakes ;)

***Apologies for the crap pictures and first post, im not very good at stuff like this, (internet shopping, easy peasy, blog-type stuff, erm, no), but il learn (hopefully!) so please bear with me :)

samantha xx..

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