Sunday, 27 March 2011

Handmade Natural Bath & Body Products & Bake Sale :)

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, my sister kaila and I attended a local table-top sale, where we had our own little stall where I debuted selling my handmade bath and body goodies! 

These including organic Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil Bath Melts, both Wild Rose scents, and Lavender:

Bath and Body Crystals and Foot Soaks (scents included: wild rose, lavender, orange blossom, peppermint, lemon)

and some of my handmade fizzing Rose and Lavender bath bombs.

These went down a storm, and Im hoping to open an online shop (like Etsy), or/and have a seperate blog page for my bath and body products soon, as well as doing more fairs and table-top sales, as we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves :)

Kaila and I also love baking, and we had a mad baking session on Friday night, and early yesterday morning, so we also took our yummy goodies along, and sold our efforts to all the hungry bargain hunters and stall holders :)

Between us, Kaila and I baked:

Gingerbread Kids (and one rogue gingerbread pirate, as his hand went a tad wrong!)

These were a firm favorite with the kids, and sold out fast, along with our Sweetie Stained Glass Biscuits:

Chocolate Swirly Buns

Also selling well, were our giant Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Fruit and Nut Fudge, and  Lemon Fairy Cakes.

Kaila and I had great fun both making the sale goodies, and also on the day - and we made money into the bargain!

What do you think about online shops like Etsy for selling my natural handmade bath products?
Does anyone have any advice?


  1. Wow some fab things there Samantha. Your stall look fantastic and everything displayed beautifully. Etsy is mainly American in my experience so lots of competition and a large percentage of the customers will be from the US. Folksy is the UK version and you can choose to sell to overseas customers there also if you wish. I've had a Folksy shop for ages and only made 2 sales. To be honest I rarely bother putting many things in it as the fees are similar to ebay so this has to be taken into consideration. You can list things for 6 months though for the same fee which is good.

    Have you thought about setting up a fanpage over on Facebook as this is free. You can then attach a Payvment shop to it which at present costs nothing to use apart from your paypal fees. You can also just show your things in a photo album on the fan page and people can contact you if they want to buy and then you can send them an invoice through paypal if you don't want to set up the shop application. I've sold much more on Facebook so would recommend it over Folksy or Etsy - at least for aomeone starting up. Give me a shout if you need anymore info!!!!

  2. Wow, those are some gorgeous bath goodies there, and fab they are all home made. The packaging looks lovely too, I would def buy some. xx

  3. Your stall looks great as do your goodies. I`d love to have a stall one day.

  4. You’ve been so busy making and I am so glad the stall was a success for you and your sister!
    You should definitely think about setting up a shop, as a little side venture, you never know where it might take you.

    Listing fees are annoying but I’m sure you’ll make more than enough profit to cover them xx

  5. So pleased that you stall went well, im not surprised as all your goodies look beautiful! Scarlett x

  6. Wow! Your stall looks amazing, no wonder it went so well. The packaging, the colours, everything looks great and the food looks so yummy too. You should definitely open an online shop! :) x

  7. Your table looks great! Don't forget to give us some things to sell at our WI craft stalls. We have two coming up April 12th and 16th.

  8. No advice to give I'm afraid, but your goodies look amazing! So colourful and pretty. I would have bought tons :)

  9. Hehe the pirate man made me laugh! All looks fab :)

  10. Wow, this is so wonderful! I absolutely love everything, especially the bath products. Well done xx

    Lovely Blog!

  11. ... and I am about to take a bath using Tesco cheapo bubble bath - I am obviously going wrong somewhere! I need some of your homemade products!

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