Friday, 4 March 2011

Spring Swap & Midnight Walk

Hi everyone!

I thought I would do a bit of an 'update' post, about what im upto at the minute, and what I will be doing over the next few weeks :)

Firstly, Im ridiculously excited to be involved in Jackie  at Sew Special Bears Spring Makes Me Sing Swap, with the idea being that you get partnered with another blogger, you then email each other likes/dislikes ect, and then go shopping for lots of lovely little bits and bobs for your 'swap-ee!' which you then post within an agreed time :)
I have been partnered with the lovely Lynda/LaaLaa from hookinwithlaalaa, which is fantastic, as we have a lot of shared tastes, so im sure im in for some lovely treats!

Because Lynda is a follower of my blog, I can't share any of the swap idea's I have in mind for her, sadly, but I will take a pic and show you what I send after the swap, I really can't wait!
(check out both these ladies blog's, they are lovely reading :)

Secondly, My little sister Kaila and I, along with a work colleague of mine, have signed up for the Leeds Midnight Walk in aid of St Gemma's Hospice, which is held on May 14th at 12am at the Leeds Rhino's Headingley Stadium, Leeds. (click the link for more details, or how to enter)

The aim of the ladies-only sponsored walk, is obviously to raise money for St Gemma's Hospice - a hospice that provides specialist medical and nursing care for the terminally ill, (predominantly cancer patients) along with support for their families.
The walk is just one of many fundraing events for St Gemma's Hospice, (click the above link for details of other ways to raise money)

Participants doing this event can choose to walk either a 6 mile route, or a 12 mile one.
My sister and I have decided to go for the 12 mile route, which starts and ends in Headingley, with the route basically going round in a massive circle. 
We have around 77 days to go before the event, to train and get fit, and we have our 'lovely' yellow t-shirts all ready for training :/

As well as the walk being a fantastic get-fit incentive, I hope to raise as much money for the charity as possible, so I have just set up an official Virgin MoneyGiving online donation page here, which is recommended by the charity, so if anyone is kind enough to donate, please feel free to do so, any amount at all is hugely welcome  :)

Im really pleased and honoured to be involved in raising money for such a great cause as I, along with thousands of people, have known or lost a close family member/loved one to cancer, and any organisation that helps in easing the stress and pain of the patients last few months (as well as helping the family come to terms with their loss) is well deserving of donations, in my opinion.

I will, of course, keep you all updated on our training progress, and running total of donations.

Are YOU doing a Midnight Walk event where you live? Or any other fundraising for charity event?


  1. Ooh good luck with that! Such a good cause.

  2. Wishing you luck with the 12 mile walk. Well done to you and your sister xx

  3. Great cause and Good luck!

  4. What a great cause. Good luck to your and your sis. Remind me nearer the time and I'll drop a few quid in the pot. x


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