Sunday, 27 February 2011

100 follower Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

I cant believe I have over 100 followers! Yay!
I just want to say Thank You to every 'Follower' and all of you who takes the time to read and comment on my blog, I read and appreciate each comment, and every new follower really does make my day :)

So, with this in mind, I thought I would hold a little 'thank you' giveaway, with the prizes being things I would love to recieve myself, so hopefully you will too :)
Here is what is up for grabs:

* Cath Kidston 'Tips For Vintage Style' handbag sized book
* Handmade luxuriously softening Cocoa Butter Bath Melts (rose and lavender)
* Handmade fizzy bath bombs (rose and lavender)
* 'The best of Cadbury's Chocolate cooking' yummy recipe book
* Soap & Glory 50ml Flakeaway body polish
* Soap & Glory 75ml Clean Mary cleansing milk

*Bath bombs and melts are individually handmade by myself*


For ONE entry:
* You must be a follower of this blog.
 *You must comment below, stating 'please enter me because..' and a reason why you would like to win

For EXTRA entries:
* You must post the above picture of the giveaway goodies, stating 'Fabulous Giveaway' along with a working link back to this page, and end date of giveaway in your sidebar.

*Blog about the giveaway in a post (you gain TWO extra entries for each, or FIVE entries if you do both!)
(Please let me know in the comments box which of the above you have done so I can check and make the correct number of enteries for you, and please leave your follower name, email address and your blog address :) 

Giveaway ends April 1st, First name randomly picked out of the hat will be the lucky winner, and  I   will announce said winner the following day :)

Good Luck everyone and thanks for entering! 


  1. please enter me because it is a fab giveaway, really generous and unique prizes, I've never seen a giveaway including books!

    Dee x

  2. PLease enter me because... I love reading your blog! Plus the goodies are right up my street I'm a recent Soap and Glory convert and a complete and utter Cath Kidston addict too!

    Oh and... I also live in Leeds so the items wouldn't have far to go! ;)

    Xx Abbie xX

  3. congrats on your 100 followers!

    please enter me because...the prizes are fab and a nice change from the prizes on other giveaways, both books look fab and sound interesting too :D

    i have posted a link in my sidebar @

    my GFC is Emma

    email is

    thanks :) x

  4. Please enter me because..
    I would love the cookbook, it looks so yummy! And i'm also abit grubby as i've been under the bonet of my car today so could use the lush and soap and glory items to make me smell nice again :)

    Laura xx

  5. Hi Sam - congrats on reaching 100 - haha sounds like you should get a telegram from the Queen!! I would love to win but I am especially interested in your handmade bath bombs and melts - they look fab. The CK book would also be a great book to have. I have put you in my sidebar and I have blogged a post about your giveaway as well just here

    You can leave a comment in my cbox on the side if you need me or on any of my posts chick xxx

  6. Please enter me becaause I deserve some pampering! :-)

  7. Enter me please because I love chocolate and would love creating the recipes. Also, I love bath products, especially handmade bath products! Hand making them is such a thoughtful touch :) x

  8. Enter me please lovely, a fab giveaway and i love the thought you've put into handmaking the bath bombs.



  9. We're new watchers! Please enter us!! We need a pick me up (such a lovely grouping of gifts) after such a long New England winter!

    Think spring!
    Sheila and Sherrill

  10. Please enter me because... my little toddler has poured all my best bubble baths away down the plug hole and recieving some beautiful handmade bath goodies would be just perfect. xx

  11. Congrats on reaching 100 followers.

    Please can I enter. I'd like to win as it'd be lovely to get something you have made yourself. x

  12. Please enter me :)
    I would love to win something homemade by you and the Cath Kidston book would be completely up my street! Such a fabulous giveaway xxx

  13. Congrats on all the followers!
    I'd love to be entered to be able to get the chance to win all those luscious bath bombs along with the yummy recipe book! Great prizes to use for a lovely night in :)


  14. new gfc follower

    enter me plz because I love all the items you are giveaway such as cath kidston and bath bombs .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com
    thanks , intl. contestant

  15. posted

  16. Hi Samantha. I'm so pleased that we're partners in the swap too. I did email you the other day. I'd wondered why you hadn't replied. I will try and re-send it. Check your spam box too. Speak soon, Lynda xx

  17. Please enter me because...I'd love to treat my partner to bubble bath parties at home. She'll definitely love the Yummy baking book as well

    Following this blog via GFC as Cornelio Mallare


    Posted this giveaway on my blog sidebar -

  18. Yay great! Please enter me because this is such a fabulous giveaway. I really want to try the recipes on that book. :)

    Follow via GFC as Monik.

  19. enter me please because these prizes look lovely + i love chocolate haha :) I would really like to try that book.

    GFC is xyoulovekarlene

  20. Well look at that i just found you.. and you have a giveaway, well it's like may as well just send me the prize right now :) I'm following xx

  21. What lovely goodies, count me in :) off to add you to my sidbar now xx

  22. enter me please! I would love to win these amazing products for me to try! :)

    followed via GFC: stella ferraris


  23. I blogged about it

    i include you in my blogroll
    and put in a sidebar


  24. enter me please! I would love to win these things/products because i think its lovely for me to own.

    followed via GFC: hazel dela victoria


  25. What lovely giveaway goodies, please enter me :) x

  26. Please enter me because I adore handmade toiletries, always a lot more luxurious than store bought and made with love!

    I am also a follower.

  27. Ooh, please enter me :) I'd love to win because.... it's my birthday next week and I'm getting old, LOL! :D
    I'm a follower :)
    Fiona x

  28. Hi ,
    I am a follower shaimaa
    Please enter me , I love to win because I love cooking :)

    Blog about it here

  29. Enter me please because I'm a chocolate addict and would love that recipe book to feed my addiction!
    Emma Luxton

  30. Please enter me because I enter so many giveaways and never won :) LOL :)


  31. Please enter me because I love to try your handmade goodies and i'd love to have a peak at the vintage style book. I love cath kidston! As well as the cook book! YUM!


  32. please enter me because I'd love to have that cook book!

  33. I'm a GFC follower: Kelly Paulson

    This giveaway looks so inviting to take a bath and just relax in the bath.. Ohhh. so relaxing..

    Love love love this.

    thank you:)

  34. Please enter me,bcz I love that cook book and handmade!!
    GFC: matzzzzza
    E-mail :

  35. Please enter me because I have given up chcolate for lent and would love to win the cooking book to whip up some treats when I start eating chocolate again. I also love all things CK and pampering products, even better when they are handmade.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. Please enter me because ....
    I love chocolate and I definitely need pampering!

  37. please enter me because i love the cosmetics!
    follower via gfc=Lyudmila
    lusizova at

  38. Hi Samantha I thought I'd entered yOur give-away only to discover that I hadn't! Well I am now ! Congrats on your 100 plus followers and, of course, pm your latest award. All very well deserved.

  39. Hi Sam! Please enter me because I love make-ups.. :)

    Congrats for the 100 followers!

    GFC: Realprettymommy
    Email: ranjane08(at)yahoo(dot)com

  40. Please enter me because I want to read on Cath Kidston's book and try out Soap and Glory product.

    GFC Follower: Rea

  41. Please enter me because I would love to try each of these products! Recipes involving chocolate? To die for!

    New follower under gfc: minotaurbb
    Email: fleurdoll [at] gmail [dot] com

  42. Congrats on 100 followers - just reached mine and having a giveaway too.

    Please enter me into your fabulous giveaway as I love ck, I used to work at lush but no more so serious lack of bath bombage in my bath - my bath is now feeling loney and rejected with out its fizz, plus i love chocolate :o) Scarlett x

  43. Please enter me because ...
    I'd love to try out your lovely bath bombs and melts!

    Shirl x

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  45. hey! awesome giveaway, congrats!
    please enter me because i LOVE soap&glory and baking chocolate cookies!
    i follow you via GFC: Alexandra Stefan
    my email:

  46. Please enter me because I need, want and have to have your Cocoa Butter Bath Melts...and everything else. Please pretty please xx

    ps. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog x

  47. Please enter me because I love bathbombs!
    gfc follower here.
    blog post
    side bar:
    Thank you!

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  48. Please enter me because I have just found your blog and love it (am now a follower) xxx


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