Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Surprises

Hi everyone!

Happy Valentines day for those who are celebrating it, some people think its over-hyped and pointless, but I personally love it (although I dont love the way the companies and restaraunts whack prices up in preparation for it!) and although Simon and I dont usually spend a lot, generally we get each other a card and a token present, I must say this year I got spoilt rotten by Simon, who went completely mad and spent a fortune:

I watched this on TV the other week, it was in two parter episodes, and it had me gripped - it is wonderland, but not as we know it!
When I realised this was available to buy, I mentioned to Simon that I was going to buy it come payday, but he beat me to it!
Secondly, as he knows that I ADORE Lush, he bought me this Valentines bath set, which smells AMAZING and the packaging is stunning:

How cute is the print on the box?!
The set contains - Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, MMM Melting Marshmellow Moment Bath Melt, The Honeymooner Massage Bar, Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub, Its Raining Men Shower Gel, and Lust Solid Perfume. (I cant wait for bath time!)
Lastly (he really did spoil me!) Simon bought me my favorite signature scent perfume - Chloe original Eu De Parfum.

 Simon and I went out for a lovely pub lunch today, (where Slimming World Syns didnt even get a thought!) and we are having a DVD night in tonight with wine - utter heaven!

Did you celebrate Valentines Day? Or do you think its a load of soppy rubbish?


  1. Wow, gorgeous gifts! I never noticed the Alice episodes on tv, otherwise I would've watched them :( grr.

    I generally like Valentine's day but it is a shame the way it's so commercialised, we prefer to do homemade and have something more sentimental :)

    Enjoy the rest of your night :D

    Fiona x

  2. What a lovely set of presents- you lucky thing!! Chloe's one of my favourites too. Do you know where he got the film from? I'd really like to watch it xxx

  3. Aww you're so lucky to get all those presents, glad you have had a lovely day :)

  4. You lucky thing you. Love the look of that bath set.

  5. Oh that boy is a keeper!! What lovely presents he picked - lucky you!

  6. Awww boy did good. Not a boring bunch of flowers or predictable box of chocs in sight.
    Fab, thoughtful pressies. The Lush box looks great. x

  7. I didn’t see the Alice on tv, I am really intrigued now. I always think perfume is a lovely present especially when a guy buys it.

    And the Lush stuff! You got so many lovely gifts. Your boy sounds very thoughtful :)

    We went away for a couple of days for the weekend, and had a meal on Sunday night, I hate eating out on actual valentines, so stayed in last night, but it was nice just to spend time together xxx

  8. Ahh love lush! Me and my boy didn't do much. Just a nice quiet evening indoors. I think valentines gifts are sweet, but none of that soppy crap that you buy in card shops! x

  9. hi guys, thanks for the lovely comments, they really make my day :)

    Simon bought the Alice DVD from HMV and cost approx £12.99 or £13.99, but is well worth the price in my opinion :)

    sounds like you all had a fabulous Valentines Day too :)

  10. Thanks for the lovely comment! Just read your previous post of questoins too :) I really respect people with any nursing inclination; I would be hopeless at it!!

    What beautiful Valentine's pressies too, lucky lady! x

  11. What lovely presents, how thoughtful. We don't really 'celebrate' it as it is the OH birthday aswell and he doesn't like to share the day. But he does normally get me a card and some flowers and we go out for his birthday anyway :) x

  12. Ooooh someones a bit lucky :) Very jealous of the Lush goodies, they're very very amazing. Especially the bath bomb, that one is one of my favourites!
    It would be mine

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