Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Loves, Lusts, and Inspirations #2

Hi everyone!

I thought I would do another post (and pictures) on everything that im loving, lusting after, or just finding really inspiring at the moment, so here goes :)

 Inspirations and Lust:
For some reason, I cant seem to stop buying home improvement/interior/makeover magazines, such as Good Homes, Ideal Home, Cath Kidston magazine, Your Home ect. Im so completely inspired by all the fabulous makeovers, make-and-do projects, and transformations, I'm wanting to do them all - I just need pots of money to do them, so if anyone knows what this weeks winning Lotto numbers will be, speak up! 

Im also constantly on Your Home Online, which has lots of crafty stuff too, so if you havnt seen it, I really recommend checking that out here for great tutorials, from upholstering a headboard, making a heart corkboard, to making gorgeous fabric roses :)

Im also addicted to property/makeover/crafty type programs like Homes Under The Hammer, Location,Location,Location, 60MM, ect too, so all poor Simon is hearing at the minute, is how I want to change this room, re-decorate that room, and I think he is scared that if he moves an inch, I will re-upholster him! 
Does anybody else go through phases of wanting to change EVERYTHING in their home?

Loves #1:
Im really loving the giveaways, swapsies, blog awards and just general friendliness of the Blogger 'community', I havent been blogging very long, but Im really enjoying it, and I love reading other peoples thoughts and opinions in their blog posts. Since I posted my first blog post, I have 'met' lots of great people who leave lovely comments of encouragement, praise, and general friendly chit-chat.  Love it! :)

Loves #2:
Another current 'Love', is for fruity herbal tea. Im usually a devout coffee drinker, but every now and again, for some strange reason, I have a fruit-tea-drinking phase. My current favorites in particular is the Twinings a moment of calm Cherry and Cinnamon, or Twinings fruit bliss Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower -  yum yum :)

Obviously, it is a MUST that any sort of tea is drunk out of very cute teacups :)

What are YOUR current Loves, Lusts and Inspirations?


  1. Love the tea cup!!

    My current inspiration is e bay, and typing in whatever I can think of and seeing someone trying to flog it! We are decorating our dining room just now, and I am being inspired by the green shade. It's kinda art I am on the lookout for lamps being held up by ladies, and a wall mirror held up by a chain! And inspired by Penny Dreadful Vintage, I want a dressing table too....x

  2. I'm totally lacking inspiration at the moment! I want March to come very quickly.

  3. Oh im a sucker for the home magazines (depending on their price!) but now Ive also discovered blogging I get to see lots of lovely house design pictures on here. I also want to have everything in my house decorated/perfected but with a baby no chance! And as for the tv progs - while Im on maternity leave Ive been sucked into them all - my fav was in the afternoon called 'may the best house win ' loved it as could put my feet up and see 4 different houses in one go! Now its been replaced by 'House Gift' which is still quite cool. Scarlett x

  4. Great post. I love Your Home because it's a great mix of house and craft. It also has reasonably priced things in it unlike some others. Had never thought to check out their website so thanks for the link. I'm feeling inspired by all my crafty friends both on and offline. Whether I act on it is another thing. x

  5. I am addicted to magazines as it is, so best not get me started on home ones! I love interior design and crafty projects (as you already know!). If I could I would make a home from scratch, room by room, and fill it with wonderful treasures.

    I love that tea cup xx

  6. The magazines are great, I never get any though as husband thinks it's a wate of money, so will have to go look at Your Home online! Blogs are most definitely my inspiration, there are so many talented crafty people out there! :) x

  7. definitely tea also, specifically twinings blossom earl grey..the box is beautiful!
    thanks for the home website, I must get going on a few projects soon!

  8. I love Homes Under the Hammer as well!!! They are such a nice happy couple!! I bought a new mag today called 'Simply Homemade' - it's the first one and come with some free stamps and some papers and has lots of lovely things in it. It's a real mixture so sure to please most people!!! I'm also loving all of the pretty flowery things in the shops at the moment!!

  9. Hi, you're my partner in Jackie's springtime swap. Please email me from my blog and we'll get the ball rolling. Lovely blog, by the way. Lynda xx

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  11. Just stumbled across your blog! Thanks for sharing the Your Home website- some great stuff on there! Haha yes those programmes are rather addictive; I remember the days when I cringed at my Dad watching Antiques Roadshow and now I can't get enough of Flog It, Dickinson's Real Deal, Cash in the Attic etc etc! x

  12. Oh me to... I've just bought two more this morning, can't get enough of home mags oh and knitting mags. x

  13. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, it is much appreciated!
    I used to sell lot's of bags, clothes, china and linen from the 40's & 50's, on ebay and at fairs... lovely things that are getting harder to find in nice condition.
    Great blog, love the shoes teacup :) x

  14. Thankyou for your lovely comment!, I'm a magazine junkie also! abit of a country living girl,am off to browse your blog x

  15. Great post <3
    really like this feature.
    Love your blog xx

  16. my current love is definitely blogging too! xx

  17. hello! I have a small obsession with those magazines and tv programmes too! I just need to give up work so i can sit and watch them all day :)

  18. thanks for taking time to comment guys :)

    I really love reading your current loves/inspirations too :)


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