Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Hi everyone!

Nicola over at has tagged me in a great list of questions, which are designed to get to know the 'questionee' better.
It was funny, I was actually mentally answering them as I was reading them, before discovering I had been tagged :)
Anywhoo, here are the questions:

What did you want to be when growing up?

When I was young, and right up til I was about 16, I always, always wanted to be a Nursery Nurse, looking after pre-school age children, but then inexplicably changed my mind, and became a student Veterinary Nurse for three years instead!

What do you most like about where you live?

I love where I live as its in Leeds, (which is a fabulous city for shopping!) and its where most of my family live, and where my fiance and I have bought our first home a year and a half ago. We were lucky enough to buy a lovely little two bedroom house on a quiet cul-de-sac, where everyone is friendly with their neighbours, and look out for each other. Its lovely :)

If you could only rescue three things from your house, what would they be?

Hmm, I thought this would be a tough one, but when it came down to it, besides Simon and Lucy, I think I would rescue my laptop, my phone and housey documents, as I think I would need them! (I was going to say handbag with my phone and everything in it, but thought that would be cheating!)

What is your favorite book?

Oooh, this really is difficult to answer as I really adore reading and have tons of books, so I decided to pick an author who I have always loved (instead of a favorite book) and to who's books I can always go back to and lose myself in, no matter what age I am, so, my favorite books are everything written by Enid Blyton :)

What is your favorite room of your house?

I love my bedroom, as its my lovely purple boudoir, but I suppose I spend most of my time in the lounge/dining room, sat at my table as thats where my laptop/sewing machine/coursework lives!

What is my favorite joke?

I dont really tell jokes, but im really childish when it comes to humour, and find the same things things funny as teenage boys, and young children, which is usually toilet humour! :/

What would you most like to change about your house?

If I could change anything, I would add extra rooms, so I could decorate each room in a different style - a Cath Kidston room, a period-style room...ect, and have rooms for specific purposes like a craft room, a library... the list is endless!

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Im not sure about this one, although I do believe its possible to be in true love more than once in your lifetime, and have more than one 'soul mate.'

Thanks for the tag Nicola, I think this is a great way to find out more about the person behind the blog :)
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  1. Interesting Samantha. I like the idea of extra rooms. I can do with a few of those - extra bathrooms would be nice!

  2. Oh what an interesting set of questions and answers. I still have all my Enid Blyton books and absolutely love them.

  3. Great finding out more about you. Thank you for the blog follow x

  4. Lovely answers, I'm with you on liking Enid Blyton, I collected her books when I was younger. I wish I still had them now :) x

  5. I would love a room decorated in Cath Kidston, it would be so lovely!
    Enid Blyton is a favourite of mine too xx

  6. Very interesting questions and answers. These posts are great, love getting a little nosy into other peoples lives. Haven't read Enid Blyton in a long time but her books are great! x


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