Friday, 4 February 2011

Homemade Vitamin enriched Moisturising Face Cream

Hi everyone!

Since I started working in a pharmacy as a Dispenser a few years ago, and became familiar with products and 'active ingredients', I realised that I paid masses amounts of money for some products that are extremely easy and cheap to make at home myself.
One of said products was a vitamin E enriched Night Cream. When I looked at the ingredients on the tub, I realised that apart from several emulsifyers, solidifyers ect, the 'main' ingredients were a basic moisturising cream, and vitamin E oil, so I started making my own.
I thought I would share this 'recipe' with you as I think it works a treat when applied  once to twice a week at night before bed,  for a much needed moisture hit for winter-dry skin.
I use:
Aqueous Cream which is a light non-greasy moisturiser, that provides a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the skins surface.
Vitamin A (retinol is a derivitive),which is a well known ingredient used to treat acne, photoaging (wrinkles and age spots) as well as to hydrate the skin and give it a smoother texture.
Vitamin E helps prevent acne breakouts and help keeps the skin plump and full. Who wouldn't want that?!

To make at least one massive pot of cream, you will need:

An empty pot/tub for the cream

 Aqueous Cream (a massive 500g tub is just £1 from poundstretchers, or  generally under two quid from chemists)

Vitamin E capsules (you can buy this cheaply from chemists, pound shops, eBay)

Vitamin A capsules (again, buy from chemists, pound shops, eBay)

Decant the aqueous cream into the empty tub, until it is about two-thirds full.

Pierce (with a clean sterilized needle or pin) 6-10 of each of the vitamin capsules, and squeeze into the cream.

(if you have any facial scarring from spots, blemishes ect, you can also add bio-oil, as this is good for diminishing the appearance of scars)

Take a cocktail stick and stir until the oil and the cream are thoroughly mixed.

Clean and exfoliate skin, then pat dry. Apply the cream just before going to bed, then drift off to the land of nod, and let the cream work its magic.
 In the morning, wake up to beautifully soft skin!

Although the cream is mixed well when you make it, when you come to use it the next time, you will find the oils will have settled on the surface of the cream so just mix it all up again!
(Because the cream is quite thick naturally, as well as containing the oil, I would only use this once or twice a week as a treatment, to avoid clogging up the pores, and I would only use it at night as it does leave the face looking rather, well, oily, which is not really a look  you want for the daytime!)
The following morning just cleanse the skin to remove any residue of oil, and your skin should be silky smooth :)

Have you tried any homemade beauty products?

* always check with your GP before using this cream if you suffer sensitive or inflamed skin, or are   pregnant, as some vitamins are not suitable in these instances.*


  1. This is such a brilliant idea!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe :)
    Lovely blog, now following x

  2. You always inspire me to try out new things! This is a great homemade product, and again saves on the pennys xx

  3. i agree, this is an amazing idea! thanks for sharing, I gotta try this out myself!


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