Thursday, 3 February 2011

Resolution Summary

Hi everyone!

I thought I would do a quick post to say how I have done/am doing with the New Years Resolutions so far, as most people seem to fall off the wagon come February!

1) Lose Weight. This was to lose the excess weight that seems to have attached itself to me without my permission, since I quit smoking two YEARS ago! 
Well, my 'diet' has honestly been pretty much non-existant, so I have decided to join a Slimming World group, with my first meeting on Monday, as I have lost weight with a slimming club before, and I think the fear of getting weighed every week really does help to motivate me in losing the lard.
I will do a regular post with updates of my weightloss and/or struggles, along with recipes from Slimming World if anyones interested in that?

2) Drink more water. This is still a resolution.

3) Skin care routine.  This is sort-of happening, by which I mean I am following a skin care routine, but as im currently using up odds and ends of products, the creams and lotions that im currently using are likely to change, although the routine itself wont (if that makes any sense!)

4) Start Driving Lessons - I think these will probably happen in the summer, as by then I should have finished my Dispensing Technician coursework (I work in a Pharmacy, and i'm in the final year of a two year NVQ 3 course) so will be richer! yay!

5) Save money - which I am already doing, so thumbs up to me!

6) Burlesque lessons - These start at the end of March, beginning  of April (I think), and I am definately going to do them!

7) Learn knitting - well, im on my way, as I have bought some wool and needles! My gran is a fantastic knitter, so Im sure if I ask politely, she will show me the basics!
Im hoping to make a scarf, surely it wont be too hard?!

8) Writing course. Again, i'm going to do this after the current coursework im doing finishes, hopefully around summertime :)

9 & 10)  Homemade presents, and learning new crafts - I have started making soap, bath bombs, soaks (see previous post) ect, which im hoping to improve on and give as presents, with a view to eventually sell them if I get good enough :)

How are your Resolutions going?


  1. You seem to be getting on pretty well so far considering we are just into February. Any weight related tips would be much appreciated here. And I'd love to hear more about what you are making, I really enjoyed your post about the foot soak. x

  2. I took up knitting :)

    Knitting a scarf took me an entire week though lol!

    But it is lovely and warm, let us know how u get on :) x

  3. You're doing really well! Do persevere with the knitting - I struggled for ages, had a big rest from it and then went back to it with a vengeance with knitted handwarmers that turned out brilliantly. I'd only knitted squares before that so I was SO chuffed with myself - it's a great feeling.

  4. I think you are doing really well with the resolutions, I am really inspired by your homemade presents and crafts.
    I have never tried knitting, but it's a craft I would love to learn some day xx

  5. I've half kept to my resolutions.. kind of :)
    great post!! x

  6. Hi Samantha, just wanted to say thank you so much for following my blog! It is so lovely to have new followers. I have just checked out your blog and it is fabulous so I am following back! xxx

  7. Oh . . . I love knitting!!! I mostly knit dishcloths. I've always wanted to knit a scarf but I just don't have the attention spanned to stick with it. As for my new years resolution well i would say that I am doing a lot better than expected. I have been going to the gym 6 days a week and I am so proud of myself. Anyways, I really love your blog it's really unique.

  8. good luck on all of your goals honey bun!



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