Monday, 31 January 2011

'Use It Up' update, A Confession, And Review?

Hi everyone!

I thought I would do an 'update' of my 'use it up' challenge, as it has been a few weeks since I decided to start it, and although I have found it quite easy on the hair and body product front, I have been struggling a little bit on the cosmetic front, hence the 'confession'.
I am actually quite suprised that I have found it challenging (haha!), as I didnt think I bought much makeup, but I guess I was wrong! 
Okay, as I was breaking my ban, I thought I would make it worthwhile, so I bought (my first) MAC lipstick!
The shade is Girl About Town and its a gorgeous deep pink colour. This has been on my 'lust list' for awhile and as I was going on a night out for my sisters birthday I thought, 'why not'. (and I have just been paid, which was a major contributing factor!)

The Lipstick set me back £13.50, which is quite expensive, but after wearing it, I actually think the lipstick is worth its price - the pigmentation is amazing, and it last's ages without fading, even eating and drinking  and it didnt budge! You only need to apply one coat to get the finish in these pictures:

Other than my new-found love for MAC products, the challenge has been going well, and im liking how my bathroom cabinet is slowly but surely gaining space.
As Iv been using up products, i've discoverd some hidden gems,which I most definately will repurchase once I 'need' new products, as well as coming across some truly horrible/useless products which have swiftly ended up in the bin.
In order to remember which products I loved (and hated), I decided to add them in 'love' and 'loath' lists in the sidebar of this blog, so I will remember which products were fabulous enough to re-buy.
This made me wonder, if I did a mini 'review', after each product I finish up, and mention what was good/bad about it, would this be helpful to anyone? Please leave a comment below!


  1. Please do! Especially the really crappy products, saves me having to buy them to find out for myself :)


  2. Loving the pink lippie!

    Review posts are a great idea, you should defo do it :)


  3. Fabulous colour of lippie. And worth the price if it is that good.

    Reviews are definitely a good idea. Gives us a good idea of what we might get from a product and if it's worthwhile. x

  4. I love this shade not brave enough yet to try it haha! x

  5. I likelikelikelike it!!! The color looks great on you.

  6. I love MAC... if only it wasn't so expensive! I have a few bits and pieces from a few collections but I don't have any lipsticks. I had the Lady Gaga one but it didn't suit me at all. I wish I could find a shade that suited me! xx

  7. I think reviews would be useful and most welcome :) x

  8. The colour is gorgeous and looks so nice on you!! Reviews would definitely be helpful :)

    love the blog!



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