Sunday, 2 January 2011

York Wanderings (picture heavy!)

Hi everyone!

Last Wednesday, to cheer myself up after the accident, my little sister Kaila, best friend Kerry and I, decided to have a  girly shopping/touristy day out in York, one of my favorite citys.

                            Me and my lil' sis on the bus, on our way to meet Kerry

Just like bona-fide tourists, we (ok, I) took lots of photos, and visited all the tourist attractions, (because you just HAVE to!) such as Betty's Tearooms, the ruined castle/abbey (not too sure which!) and the markets

Ooh Betty!

                                               Two of my favorite people!        


We passed the Jorvik Viking Centre, where we met two very friendly Vikings (both badly in need of Goks Fashion Fix!), onto The Golden Fleece Pub, reputedly THE most haunted pub in York! then I simply HAD to visit one of my favorite shops EVER - Cath Kidston!!

                                               Kerry & the Friendly Vikings

                           Kaila outside The Golden Fleece, Yorks Most Haunted Pub

The show 'Most Haunted' hosted by Yvette Fielding actually filmed here!

I could live here and never leave!

How beautiful is Cath Kidston designs? I sadly had to stop taking photo's as I was getting funny looks from the staff :(
After shopping til we dropped, we stopped for a much needed caffeine fix ( and snack, because its rude not to!) at starbucks:

                                                   Mmm, Cinnamon Swirl

York is such a beautifil gothic-looking city, I adore the Tudor-style buildings, the walk-along Wall that surrounds York and the stunningly crooked Shambles and Little Shambles, the picturesque streets, that all contribute to make York one of the most visited Citys in Yorkshire.

I managed to spend lots of my Christmas money in the sales (and I bought lots of crafty bits for a project I have yet to post on, so watch out for that!) so all in all, I had a great day out!

Have you been to York? What is your favorite City?


  1. I am so Jelous, we had our fist visit to york in the summer, me and the kids, and we LOVED IT, i fell in love with the place, the kids cannot wait to go back, it is so rich in history, still lots i want to do there, Betty's, the cakes from their are scrummy, looks like you had a fab time

  2. I love York but haven't been for such a long time!
    Oh goodness Cath Kidston, the first time I visited that shop I felt like I had found my new home. Not one item in that shop I would deem ugly or useless, everything is simply perfect :)x

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Yes, I loved York (as you can probalbly tell!) and I absolutely ADORED the Cath Kidston Shop! (is it new?) I know EXACTLY what you mean Alice, if they wernt about to close, I probably would've stayed in there all day!!

    Happy New Years to you both :)

  4. There is a Cath Kidston shop opening in Canterbury soon, looking forward to stocking up on crockery.

    I love York, haven't been there for many years! It is indeed an Abbey, ruined by Henry VIII during the disolution of the monasteries. x

  5. Looks like you had a brilliant time!


  6. Looks fab, Yorks most def on my 'places to visit' list and you've just made it look even more appealing.

    The Cath Kidston displays are awesome, I wish my bedroom looked that way. xx


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