Monday, 3 January 2011

Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations (for next year!)

Hi everyone!

I know, I know, Christmas has been and gone, but as I picked up some fantastic Xmas decoration bargains in the sales (seriously, get next year's wrapping/tissue paper, tinsel, fairy lights, cards and decorations now, they cost literally pennies!) I thought I would have a go at making some handmade decorations (from some bead garlands I picked up for 30p!) for my tree next year. They take literally seconds to make, and you can colour theme them to match your xmas decor! 

This is the finished decoration (sorry about the crap pics, for some reason these were next to impossible to photograph!)

Here is all that you need if you want to have a go yourself:

  • Bendy wire, available extremely cheap at hardware shops (this massive roll cost me less than £3)
  • Bead garland (or any type of garland that takes your fancy!) in two (or more) colours
  • Scissors
All you do is cut a small amount of wire off the roll, and bend it into a sort-of 'S' shape:

 Snip off a length of garland that you're happy with, and loop around one of the curves, so that there is a length of beads on each side of the wire:

Alternate colours until you have about four lengths of beads (two of each colour) and twist the wire around the lengths of beads to secure, and Voila! original handmade Christmas tree decorations!
Now just hang on the Christmas tree (or put them away until next year!)

                      (sorry for the rubbish pics, they are so much prettier in reality!)

Apologies for mentioning the C-word in January!


  1. Kirstie would be proud!
    I think it's the best time to shop for Christmas decorations, because nobody wants them and the shops just want rid, and I'm sure there's lots of crafty bits and pieces lurking around too xx

  2. Oh that's such a good idea! xx

  3. Hi Samantha, the decs look brilliant. I know what you mean about buying Xmas stuff now. I've just bought a load of cards (too many in fact) v. cheaply. They should last years!! Btw, love the piccy of Lucy. We get to look after a King Cavallier sometimes, a black, white and tan one called Ludo - he's adorable. Thanks for following me. I'll definitely be back to visit you!

  4. That's a great Christmas decoration! Well done!


  5. Looks great, Love this idea =) maybe next year.


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