Friday, 7 January 2011

'Use It Up' Challenge

Hi everyone!

I was catching up on some blog posts from my looooong bloglist a few weeks ago, and noticed that a lot of bloggers had decided to set themselves a personal challenge, where they spend absolutely nothing on beauty products that they wanted but didnt need, like cosmetics, bath and body products, hair products etc, when they had perfectly good/numerous quantities/half-used bottles of the same stuff at home, ready to be used up.
Since I have been off work, I have been sooo bored (I cant use my left hand so I cant sew, sob) so I have been spring cleaning, and generally de-cluttering the house. The 'use it up' challenge came to mind when I came to clean out the bathroom cupboard, as I couldnt believe the sheer amount of bubblebaths, showergels, soaps, shampoo, conditioners, bath bombs, crystals and bath melts that I had somehow crammed in there, not to mention the seemingly hundreds of bottles of body lotions that I have also accumulated!

So I decided to do the challenge myself when I realised that I could probably last a good few months without actually needing to buy any new bathroomy type products, and I decided to extend the challenge to cosmetics and haircare (excluding hair dye!) aswell, as although I by no means have the largest hair and makeup collection in the world, I do have many different brands of the same products, ie, numerous foundations, blushers, mascara, hairspray and mousses ect (despite my little sister regularly deciding she 'needs' something, and steals it from my makeup kit!)

I actually think I could go til June (at least) before I need to buy any new products, so that is my aim. I think its just too easy to throw a new design/brand of shampoo ect that catches your eye into the trolley when you go round the supermarket, without even thinking about the amount of stuff you have at home already, I know I do!

So that is my 'new' New Years Resolution/challenge, and im sure I can do it, save myself space in my cupboards and some money, and use up what I already have!

Could you set yourself this challenge?


  1. Thanks so much for following my blog, and for commenting!
    Your blog is lovely :)

  2. No, I couldn't stop buying hair and body stuff, but I am much better than I was. I do need to lay off the lipstick buying...but they are so cheap, and the weather is so dreary...!

    You are right passion does indeed have red lips! x

  3. this will be tough but good luck with it :)

  4. this is a great resolution! i definitely need to do something like this. i don't buy beauty products that often but have many that need to be used up.

    thanks for the idea! your blog is really cute!

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  5. I must control my bathroom and my beauty-case. In the last two years I've received many different Lush products that I've forgotten to use ...

    Sara (

  6. I'm a sucker for new bath products. Especially anything fruity and yummy smelling.

    Good luck on the challenge. Will be a good wee money saving.


  7. This is easily me! I have so many bath/beauty/make-up products sat waiting to be used. I very often am tempted by offers, if I see one of my favourite shampoos on offer I will buy it regardless if I need it!

    Make-up I have cut down on, but I still somehow have a percentage of unused stuff, it's silly it really is, when really I could be using it!
    I may well have to set myself a similar challenge :)xx

  8. Thanks for following my blog! I had a massive clear out today and actually have loads of make up/toiletries to go on eBay! And then plenty still to use up. PLENTY! It is so tempting to flong new stuff in the basket but I know for sure I can go a year without buying shampoo and probably the same for make up (bar mascara!) and body lotions too. My name is Llara and I am a chronic hoarder...

  9. Wow i'm defo going to do this! I have so much stuff already, but always insist I 'need' some more whenever I go shopping, when I actually have tons of whatever it is at home! Thanks for your comment and for following, your blog is awesome, so consider me a new follwer :)

  10. wow, Thanks for so many comments :)

    So far, so good with the challenge, but its not been a week yet!
    saying that, I have been tempted a couple of times already, but I was strong and resisted! :)

    Good Luck if you decide to take up the challenge :)


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