Monday, 10 January 2011

Buns & Roses WI

Hi everyone!

Now this is something that not a lot of people know about me, and at first I was a little bit hesitant about mentioning it here because a lot of people (me included, before I found out differently) have a preconcieved idea of what the Womens Institute is all about, and I was slightly embarrassed about joining, and attending the meetings, so I kept it quiet.
The WI brought to (my) mind older ladies with blue rinsed perms, wearing twin sets and pearls, sitting around in a village green-type setting, straight out of Midsomer Murders, making jam and speaking in snooty voices.

Nothing can be further than the truth (except maybe the jam making bit!) and since I went along to my first meeting back in November, I have been hooked, I am even joining the Book Club!
Everyone at my particular meeting, is around my age group - members ages range from 19 to 45, have similar likes and interests, (there are a few fellow bloggers :) and all make a newbie feel accepted and at home from the minute you step inside the door, showing you straight to the bar area (incredibly cheap drinks!) and point out the all-important 'cake table' my personal favorite!

Some of the Buns&Roses members

It feels great to be able to talk 'crafts' all night long (outside of Blogland) with like-minded people, who not only know what you are talking about, but get passionate about it!
There are  various crafting or arty activites going on at different tables, with a member teaching new skills or crafts, as well as people doing their own projects while having a natter, a cocktail (or coffee) and a cake or two! What more can a girl want? :)
Everything from sewing, recipes, art projects, baking, knitting, card making, quilting and blogging have all got a mention at meetings, and Buns&Roses even has its own Facebook page, to keep everyone updated on the latest meeting idea's, wine or tea party dates, book club info ect.
Just to give you an idea of what else happens at the meetings and workshops, here is the Buns&Roses 2011 diary and workshops:

Workshops 2011

6 January - Decorate a bag for life
3 February - Card making
3 March - Cake decorating
7 April - Sushi making
5 May - Illustration
2 June - Fascinator making
7 July - Flower arranging
4 August - Quilting
1 September - Knit a cake
6 October Decorate a tea cup
3 November - Sock monsters
1 December - Christmas crafts

Meetings 2011

20 January - General meeting
17 February - Makaton
17 March - Science of baking
21 April - General meeting
19 May - CROP
16 June - Origami
21 July - General meeting
18 August - Home accessories
15 September - Skills swap
20 October - General meeting
17 November - Accessories
15 December - Christmas party

As I will be attending this weeks Winter Warmer Tea Party and (hopefully) all the above meetings and workshops, I will do a regular post after each, so you can follow my new-found skills!
If there is a WI near you, check it out, I bet its nothing like you imagined!

What are your thoughts on the Womens Institute? 


  1. I really don’t know anything at all about the WI, I have only ever really heard the term, so I didn’t have any preconceptions about it.

    But it sounds really wonderful! I am in fact very envious, I wish I had something like this in my area, the people sound really lovely and all the activities and events are completely craft orientated which is perfect for you :)

    Will look forward to hearing more about this!xx

  2. If my local WI met during non-working hours, I would be there like a shot. I don't care if it's full of old ladies (and I suspect it is, as I live in a village), and they make jam..I want to make jam and hear old ladies' tales!! Good for you for being so honest. It looks like great fun!

  3. On the off chance anyone reading this is down Worthing way that's just the kind of W.I we have it's not got such a funky name as we've gone with Renaissance, all be it bracketed as Rage Against The Sewing Machine. We haven't been going as long as Buns we're only on our 4th meeting but our aim is to get as good as they are,they're very inspirational. It's so nice to be crafty and learning with the odd drink thrown and of course all women are welcome.

  4. Oh I'm jealous! I'd love to join but the ones round here aren't exactly compatible with working fulltime :(

  5. I wish I had one here they sound like great fun!

  6. Thanks for commenting Ladies :)

    Apparantly the WI have meetings in most cities/towns so there should be one not too far away from you all (hopefully), but Im lucky that mine meets on an evening (or sometimes on a saturday) rather than through the day so full time workers like moi can still attend.

    let me know if you join one :)

  7. Hi Samantha, fascinating insight into the WI. I'm going to look up the local one in my area. (Loved the sound of the cheapo bar!)

  8. I'm hoping to join one in Hove but apparently they're not starting up again till Spring, so fingers crossed till then!

  9. That sounds like so much fun. It does seem to have moved away completely from the stereotypical groups.

    Unfortunately in Scotland it is just the Rural WI and they mean rural so no chance of me joining up. If there was one like yours I'd be there in a heartbeat. Enjoy!


  10. Wow - sounds fab, nothing like I'd imagined. The list of activities sounds great, wonder if all the groups are as good.

  11. I had the pleasure of working, very briefly, with George from your WI group last year. She was telling me about the group and I was so excited- I wish I lived nearer so I could join! My local group isn't quite the same sadly...

    xxx Maddie


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