Wednesday, 5 January 2011

In my 'Dream House'......

Hi everyone!

When I was a little girl, my sister and I would play a game, where we would look through the Argos Catalogue and tell each other what we would buy when we grew up, and lived in our 'Dream House'.
So now that im all grown up, every time I see something I want, but I know cant have because it wont fit in my small-but-perfectly-formed 2 bedroom townhouse, (like a beautiful grand piano or a walk-in wardrobe a la Carrie Bradshaw, or a makeup/dressing/craft room JUST for that purpose and no other) I STILL make a mental note to myself to purchase whatever that item is or create said room, when I get my 'dream house'

The concept of the 'dream house' was that this house was THE house, the one I would see, (magically in my price range) buy, and move into, to stay there forever and ever, and I always wanted it to be a beautiful (large!) cottage by the seaside.
This house should fulfil every want - in my childhood, I remember dreaming after room upon room of toys, books and games, but nowadays, the more adult me would much rather:

have at least one bathroom that is a beautiful, relaxing girly haven, full of scented candles with a cast iron roll-top bath (in cream) that has jacuzzi function, or something like this:
It should have enough bedrooms for a games room (for Simon!) a dressing room, complete with the walk-in wardrobe (for moi), a craft room, a bedroom that I could kit out in Cath Kidston designs and shabby chic furnature (without Simon moaning that its too girly!) and a sultry boudoir bedroom with a giant four poster bed, decked out in plum shades, and deep pinks with gorgeous fabrics and cushions that I could swap and change to my hearts desire:
  • The kitchen would be all shabby-chic and country cottagey, with a big farmhouse style wooden table, a massive french dresser filled with pastel-coloured teacups and pottery, with an aga stove and tiled floor, or something similar to the kitchen on the TV series The Delicious Miss Dahl:

The living room/lounge would have large comfy sofa's with loads of cushions, a wall-length bookcase full of books, a large open fireplace (with a real fire) and bay windows with window seats, or something simple, elegant and beautiful like this:

There would be a beautiful large garden for Lucy to run around freely to her hearts content, and have a pond, a herb garden and a vegetable patch (and a gardner!)

Looking at these pictures, Im aware that if I ever won the lottery and this became a reality (dream on!) I would have he most mis-matched home ever!

What would your dream home look like?


  1. Thanks for the comment and for following. Hadn't thought about painting it, could be a good call!

    Me and my sister used to play dream house too with any catalogue we could get our hands on.

    Not sure what my dream house would be now but would definitely be by the water! Oh and it has to have a country kitchen with an island. Really silly but when I was young I always thought having a kitchen island was so posh and I still kinda want one.


  2. i still play this especially when out on my walks :)

  3. I played this very game several times! Oh my I adore all your ideas for a dream house, I think we really do have similar tastes.
    Every single time I saw Miss Dahl’s kitchen on TV I would make notes in my head about how I would like my dream kitchen to look just like that. And Cath Kidston yes please, I could literally devote a whole room to shabby chic and floral prints.
    A walk in wardrobe is one of my dreams, I do wish to come true one day, and I know it would be the perfect home for all my clothes, bags shoes. Again a certain Miss Bradshaw is the one to blame for me lusting after a wardrobe like this!

    Great post, I love seeing interiors and talking about them, there one of my favourite things! xxx

  4. Oh my god, I played that game when I was wee! Thought I was a lil weirdo, so glad I'm not the only one!! xx

  5. I would love a house with that bathroom. BEAUTIFUL! =]

  6. I like the idea of putting a jacuzzi inside your dream house. I always loved taking long baths and the idea of having a dressing room would surely delight my wife and teenage daughter.

    Randolph Coleson

  7. Oh! What a wonderful dream house! Well, my dream house would have an elegant bathroom and a large walk-in wardrobe just like yours! I love dressing-up!

    Ailith Blesington


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