Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Homemade Energising Peppermint Foot Soak & Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Recently, I have gotten interested in, and have started making, my own beauty and body products, such as soap, face/body scrubs and bath melts, milk and bombs, and I thought I would share the pics and tutorials once I have tried and tested them out a few times. One of my favorite homemade products that I have been using is my homemade energising deoderising peppermint foot soak.

The foot soak can be used with some oil (baby oil, almond, olive, coconut oil) to make a foot scrub, but I find it luxuriously relaxing (but at the same time energising, due to the peppermint scent) doing a mini spa-like pedicure, which really does help my tired feet feel soft and refreshed!
I would start by removing old nail polish, while allowing a few spoonfuls of the crystals to dissolve in a bowlful of warm water, then put both feet in the bowl, allowing the water to soak and soothe your feet for about 10 minutes, whilst you relax with your favorite book/magazine/the soaps/knitting, and a glass of wine :)

After your 10 minutes is up, gently pat feet dry with a warm, fresh towel, and remove any dry skin or ridges using a foot buffer or ped egg (these ped eggs actually make me cringe! *shudders) and cut nails.

Apply and massage in a liberal amount of foot moisturising cream, and put on a pair of soft cotton socks and keep them on overnight, to maximise the absorbtion of the moisturiser. The next morning, wake up to perfectly soft tootsies!

The foot soak is really easy to make, and only uses three ingredients:

Get a clean jar or container, add the rock salt about two thirds full, add a couple of drops of food colouring (if required) and shake shake shake!
Once the colour has evenly distributed, add a few drops of the peppermint essential oil and shake again. Then you have a cheap-but effective, homemade foot soak!
Just add oil to make a foot scrub.

To make a gift of the foot soak, just hang a small scoop from a pretty ribbon and  attach to the neck of the jar, add a cute label to the front, and an instruction label on how to use the soak to the back of the jar, or something like in the pic below, and voila!

Have you made any homemade beauty products?


  1. Oh my goodness I really must try this- my feet are MINGING, seriously.
    I like to think they were spoiled when I used to regularly go to very cheap foot spas in thailand and have my feet basically shaved off, but when I put it like that it sounds pretty horrific doesn't it?!
    I think a nice peppermint foot spa may be just what the doc ordered. And how clever to package it up for pressies etc!

    xxx Maddie

  2. This sounds fabulous. I've always been tempted to try making treats but never have. This one seems like an easier one to start me off. Thanks so much for sharing it. x

  3. sounds scrummy, will have to try this, my feet are in some serious need of TLc - how long does it last if packed up, thinking of making for xmas gifts

  4. Is there anything you can't do?
    This is a fabulous idea, I would love to be able to make my own beauty and body products. I like the idea of giving them as gifts too. Almost like baking (in a way) I love the idea of packaging them up and making cute gift tags xx

  5. I'll try this too! Sometimes I make a bodyscrub with olive oil, honey and sugar. Works like a charm! :)

  6. brilliant :D many thanks will definitely be making these as gifts! x

  7. thanks for all the lovely comments guys :)

    I have only just started making the homemade bath and body stuff, so not entirely sure how long they would keep, but as its pretty much just salt, i would suppose they would last awhile :)
    if you dont follow the above steps, and want a quick fix, i would recommend adding the oil and using it as a foot scrub, makes rough feet feel lush after!

    I think they would make a great gift if you arrange the soak (or scrub!) in a basket, add a foot file/nail brush, foot and nail cream and cotton socks - perfect homemade foot spa for your nearest and dearest!

    and thanks for the sugar scrub tip, i have a few more tutorials coming soon, but will def be trying that one!

  8. Mmm, sounds good and I am exfoliation daft! I particularly love the use of green food colouring!

  9. wow this sounds incredible! im defo gonna try, thanks for sharing!

  10. I've been thinking of making home made bath products for a while now and this has totally given me the inspiration to do so! Thank you so much! x

  11. This sounds lovely - I can almost smell the peppermint!!!!!

  12. Wow homemade beauty products?
    That is a brilliant idea!!
    I'm following, please check out my blog and follow if you like it!!

  13. wow!!this is great my feet soo need this and i love natural products!!
    please check my blog and if you like it i'd be glad to have u as a follower!yours is super so i'm following!


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