Thursday, 21 April 2011

Beautiful Bargains And Fabulous Finds #1

Hi everyone!

Despite my self-imposed shopping 'ban', I have somehow managed to acquire some lovely vintage and pin-up inspired dresses, books and nicknack's via charity shops and my good old favorite, eBay! :)
Well, its almost rude not to when the bids are so low - isn't it?!

This stunning Pin-up style red cherry dress is simply gorgeous, it was a great bargain from eBay, and with postage, came to less than £5.

The dress length is not too long (which is unusual for me, as I'm only 5''1) and the hem falls to just below my knee, which is perfect for the vintage inspired style of the dress :)
Now I just have to find some lovely vintage style cherry jewellery to accessorise it!

Another bargain, I actually got a few months ago, but I simply had to include in this post given the title:

Isn't it gorgeous? it is child size (rather than the normal adult size) in height, and I think it's so cute with the faded purple patterns (check out the cute heart!) and little frill to the 'skirt'

When I saw it in the charity shop I couldn't believe it, as I had been wanting a mannequin/dummy for ages, and when I saw that it was priced at just £4.99 I handed my pennies over there and then!
It goes perfectly with my purple boudoir style bedroom and has my feather boa's draped all over it!

I couldn't believe when I spotted this gorgeous wicker picnic hamper/basket in another charity shop for just a fiver, as I had just commented on a blog post saying I was jealous of her fab picnic basket find  - It must have been fate!
When I opened it up, all the plastic 'crockery' and cutlery was still in the plastic wrappers - brand new!

As the weather was so gorgeous last Saturday, the picnic basket had its first outing, and Simon and I took a radio, magazines, delicious food and drink, and headed to the local park, where we spread out a blanket on the grass and had a picnic with my three gorgeous nieces (all under 6!) and Lucy, who had a great time playing ball with the girls :)

I was in another charity shop (there seems to be a pattern emerging!) when I saw this amazing Toile De Jouy blanket/cover and pillow cases, which looks new, for just £2.99! I adore this pattern, so french chic!

As I always seem to have lots of 'favorite bargains', I think this may have to become a regular feature!

What are your best fabulous finds?


  1. Fabulous finds! I love the toile and the mannequin is just darling :o)

  2. wow i love everything on this post - the mannequin is such a huge bargain - i'd have wrestled you for it *wink* Scarlett x

  3. that dress is amazing and such a bargain & the mannequin - i'm so very jealous!


  4. Amazing finds and great bargains :) The Mannequin is just fab. xx

  5. Great finds - I am so jealous of your mannequin! My fave find is my child's hand sewing machine. So cute!

  6. I think the mannequin was definitely your best buy, an absolute bargain!!!

    One of my best buys was my welsh dresser, costing £60 including delivery xx

  7. Great finds Sam. I love the dress its just my style.

  8. I am so jealous of your cherry dress. I might have to make myself one, it won't be nearly so bargaineous as yours though! x


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