Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Swaps Galore!

Hi everyone!

This last week or so, I have been as giddy as a kipper(!) because I have been expecting not one, but TWO Swap packages to pop through my front door! How lucky am I?!
I was absolutely gutted therefore, when I came home from work, to find a card through my door stating that I had missed delivery of TWO packages, and must wait 48 hours before I could collect them! boo!
After an agonising wait (it felt like it!) I finally had my little hands on my goodies!

The first package was part of a Spring Makes Me Sing Swap, in which I was partnered with the lovely Lynda of hookin' with laalaa (to see what I sent her, click the link :)
Lynda sent me an absolutely gorgeous boxful of goodies, every single item very thoughtfully picked out, and I adore each and every item :)
When I opened up the box, a gorgeous familiar scent wafted out from the box, and I was greeted with lots of beautifully wrapped packages, each tied with a lovely co-ordinating ribbon :)

How gorgeous are these?!

After ripping open two intriguing looking (and gorgeously smelling!) packages, I was greeted with these two! A gorgeous Lush Bath Ballistic and a Bubble Bar!
Although I adore Lush, I have never tried these particular two products, so I was very tempted to run a bath straight away just to try them out!
The pink one is called Think Pink (tonka bean and vanilla scented), and the white one Amandopondo (rose, lemon & orange scented) As you can imagine, both smell simply lovely!

My next few goodies speak for themselves - Cath Kidston!!
I think now I am going to have to collect the other colours to match this mug (any excuse!)

Next up - more Lush! The solid perfume in Tuca Tuca smells lovely, and is the perfect size for my handbag, for when im on-the-go!

This has got to be my absolute favorite item from Lynda's box, for two reasons - one, its a fabulous book about Burlesque, which I have a definate passion about, and second, for the sheer thoughtfulness of the gift, so thank you Lynda!

Last, but certainly not least, Is this fabulous aptly named chocolate bar - which is the perfect accompaniement to munch on whilst I soak in my Lush scented bubble bath, reading my new Burlesque book  - perfect night in, in my opinion!

The next parcel, was a mini-swap I did with Stacey from Nude-Obsession (again, to see what I sent, click the link!)
Stacey very kindly offered to pick me up some Seche Vite nail varnish top coat, and instead of me paying her for it, she suggested a swap!
I was really excited for the swap, as Stacey has a fabulous beauty blog, so I could be sure to receive some great beauty finds, and I wasn't wrong!

Sorry for the terrible photo, for some reason I couldn't seem to get a good one!
Stacey included:
  • Seche Vite top coat
  • Schwarzkopf Got2b POWER'ful volumizing styling powder
  • Jean Marin body firmer, 2-in-1 fluid cleanser, deep nourishing body veloute, age defence day cream.
  • Vitamin E skin oil
  • Philosophy pink frosted cookie lip gloss
  • Alida beauty tool set - how gorgeous are these?!

Thanks for a lovely swap Stacey :)

Didn't I do well in my swaps? Have you had a bloggy swap yet? I was thinking of hosting a swap after Easter, if you are interested, please say so in your comment :)

Thanks for a fabulous swap Lynda - will definitely be doing one again!


  1. awww lovely goodies! Ive never done a swap - so would be interested if you are going to host one :o) Scarlett x

  2. Glad you like them hun! Have you smelt the vitamin e oil, it's gorgeous! It was fab, so exciting waiting on a package!

    I'm still using up my bath melts so will email you once I have used them enough to get a good opinion :D xx

  3. Great swap goodies. I`d be intersted in doing a swap. The Easter one I`m doing is my first and I`m really enjoying picking things up and making things for it.

  4. Ooo I love swapping - count me in!

  5. wow these were seriously good swaps! What fun and how lucky to receive such lovely stuff!

  6. Awww the Lush Bath Balls and that Beauty Tool Set are ♥.

    The Cat Hag

  7. what lovely swaps! i have to get thinking of what to send for the easter one! :)

  8. What lovely swap goodies, us bloggers are such a thoughtful and generous bunch :)

    I wanted to ask you a make-up based question as I know you know what you're talking about!

    Can you recommend a good tinted moisturiser? x

  9. What fabulous sawp packages. That must have been exciting getting all that. The lush bathbombs look devine. And it is nice to get something, like the book, which is very personal.
    I'd definitely be interested in a swap. I love stuff like that but get REALLY nervous that the person won't like what I have got etc. x

  10. Such fabulous goodies, the burlesque book was so thoughtful and nothing quite beats a lush treat!

    I would love to put together a package for you, as I never properly got to say thank-you for the Cookie book xx

  11. This is such a sweet idea and such great gifts!!! It's so lovely recieving packages through the post, makes a lovely change from bills, bills, bills!!!


  12. Hey hun,

    Just messaging you on this as I know you can't always see when someone replies on their own blog - anyway I was going to say thank you very much for your nice comment! Also, if you like the bright colours, check out the Pro Longwear MAC in Love Forever and Overtime - both pinks. One fuscia (Love Forever) and Overtime is a baby pink but blue toned and very bright - they both last ages!

    p.s I will email you once I have finished all my bath melts - although I'm trying to eek them out so that's a good sign! xx

  13. Just to say I tagged you for the Kreativ blogger award on my blog :)

  14. Love the solid perfumes from lush!!!


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