Monday, 25 April 2011

The Sun Has Got His Easter Bonnet On, hip hip hip hooray! :)

Hi everyone!

What fabulously gorgeous weather we have been having over the bank holiday weekend! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, and ate lots of yummy chocolate eggs and hot crossed buns!

Simon, Lucy and I have been making the most of being off work for the Easter break, and of the lovely weather by tackling the garden, mowing the (tiny!) lawn, getting rid of the dead plants etc - well, I was mostly supervising Si and my brother Rhyes doing the garden, whilst I was sat in the sun with a lovely cold lager, a housey magazine :)

On Thursday, I also realised how unfit I am by going on a bike ride with Simon along the canal, it was the perfect day for it....

....and we had fun feeding the swans when we stopped for a rest!

On Good Friday, my sisters and I decided to drive over to Dunelm Mill, a local home ware and soft furnishing store, as I wanted to pick up some fabric, and bias binding to make some bunting to go on my stall (more on that in a mo!) and I managed to pick up some end - rolls of polka dot oilcloth for just £1.50 per metre, which may just be big enough to use as a table cloth on my stall, so I was a happy bunny!

Easter Sunday, my friend Gem brought all my fab new Stampin' Up! goodies, and we had a great couple of hours playing with my new stuff, munching on chocolatey Kinder Bueno eggs (well, it was Easter!) and experimenting with designs, patterns and colour combo's for the packaging for my handmade bath and body products, ready for selling on my very own stall at Otley's craft fair in June! 
It should be fun, as both Gem and Kerry are also having stalls - Gem selling her fabulous handmade cards, and Kerry selling vintage treasures - I really cannot wait!
Here is a sneak preview of one of the mini milk cartons Gem and I made:

How cute is this lil' box? The picture is actually one Gem took, and I have shamelessly stolen it, sorry Gem!
After all the playing around with the Stampin Up! stuff, we headed off to the local pub's beer garden for a much deserved glass (or several!) of refreshingly chilled WKD apple cider, yum!

To finish off a lovely few days break from work, today I managed to finally get some herb, lettuce and spinach seeds planted, that I bought awhile ago,and have been meaning to do, so fingers crossed for lots of delicious homegrown salad soon :)

Hopefully this week will see me cracking on with my bunting, more packaging designing, and finally picking up where I left off with my patchwork quilt, (which I started ages ago, and only have a few rows sewn together - shameful!)

How have you spent YOUR Easter break?


  1. You've been a busy bunny this Easter! The soap box looks great. I really need to get myself to a dunelm mill - £1.50 a metre for oil cloth - bargain!! Scarlett x

  2. Oooh, I'm putting the Otley craft fair in my diary right now! Sounds like great fun.
    We're lucky enough to have our own allotment literally adjacent to the house so most nights we eat fresh from the soil! It tastes so much nicer and is SO much cheaper, too.

    xxx Maddie

  3. Wow £1.50 a metre! thats a bargin. Ive got an allotment, spent most of the weekend planting xx

  4. Sounds like a lovely Easter weekend. Good luck with your stall, I'm sure you'll do really well :) x

  5. well it sure sounds like you have a splendid holiday weekend. I know how you feel about feeling unfit, I took a hike with my husband on Saturday and had to take a break mid way through :)

  6. Sounds like you had a fab weekend!

    B xxx

  7. Glad you had a great weekend, mine was fab too.

    The carton is so cute. Good Luck with your stall, I'm sure you'll do very well x

  8. yay for homegrown salad! lovey post, your weekend sounds great!

  9. I tagged you for an award on my blog :)

  10. Your Easter break sounds ahhhh-mazing. So jealous of the fun that you have been having! (And the nice weather. This is the first day in a week and a half that it has not rained, stormed, or tornadoed. Gahhhhh.)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Hiya, I've just found your blog via Miss Ginger and looks like plenty of my other blog buddies know you too. Your blog looks lovely, have just had a a wander around - I'm also addicted to certain internet sites (hmm, that sounds dodgy!) although not so much Facebook these days as I'm always on blogger! How exciting to be part of a fair, I've never tried making soap but would like to give it a go one day, it's on my list along with a million other things! I keep meaning to start up an etsy shop but find it too hard to part with anything I buy or make...

    Lakota x


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