Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Im back with a (rambly) update :)

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of post's recently, I have been really busy with coursework, work, and life in general, and couldn't seem to catch up, or have any proper free time to read my favorite blogs or do any post's of my own, but fingers crossed, the madness has passed and normality will soon resume!
I have recently been given different awards and tags and things, and although delayed (as always, with me :/ I am so bad for procrastinating! ) I promise I WILL catch up :)

I also noticed that since my last post, blogger seemed to go mad, and my sidebar photo's and things disappeared to the bottom of my blog for some unknown reason  although all appeared OK on my template thingummy (has anybody else had this?) but after a bit of messing about, I seem to have corrected it, phew!

Anywhoo, one of the thing I have been busy with is my handmade bath and body products, both trying to sort out a 'brand' name and a facebook page for advertising and selling my products, which hopefully will be up and running soon (thank you for all the helpful comments, particularly to Angie at bumblebees craftden for all the fab advice!) once my 'branding' is sorted, and I will keep you updated with my progress!

I have also been trying out and making new products, using different fragrances and blends, since I had a few requests from male friends/relatives saying they would definitely buy and use the products (in secret of course!), if they were 'less girly', so I have been on the hunt for masculine scents, which I am struggling with a little bit, particularly in essential oils, does anyone have any suggestions please?

Im also really excited for tomorrow night, as I am attending my friend Gem's (whom I met at Buns & Roses Women's Institute) Stampin Up! mini catalogue launch, as we get to do some lovely craftiness and make some gorgeous cards and tags :)

Some of Gem's fab cards!

Stampin Up! catalogues, as many of you know, offer some amazing stamps and accessories for greeting cards, scrapbook pages, home decor, and lots more, and as tomorrow is the launch of the new catalogue, I'm sure I will end up buying lots and lots (it all looks so gorgeous and colour co-ordinated!) so I think I had best take my purse!
To see some more of Stampin Up! demonstrator Gem's beautiful hand made cards check out her amazing crafty blog Make Do and Gem :)
Im hoping to take along my camera and hopefully get some nice (fingers crossed!) pictures to show you, so look out for that!

Have you hand made any cards or tags before?


  1. good luck with your bath and body products, they look amazing! I havn't tried makeing cards before I don't think, but I do remember making HUGE cardboard earrings for my mam for mothers day when I was quite young and didn't understand at the time why she wouldn't wear them out in public, instead only in the car when going out. Thankfully, now that I'm older, I finally get why lol. They were the most hideous things I have ever seen, so I'm amazed she even wore them in the car! haha.

  2. Hi Sam - 'thanks' for your 'thanks' lol, glad my rambling reply was useful to you. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions!! I can't wait to see your Facebook page as your creations look fab!! Thanks for joining my FB page as well!! xxx

  3. It's lovely to see you back

  4. Sometimes it's hard to find the time eh. Good luck with setting up your branding and FB shop for your handmade goodies, please let us know how it goes. Stampin Up stuff is fab isn't it? x

  5. I know how you feel about finding it difficult to have time for blogging. I tend to write a bunch of posts at once (when I have the time) and keep them in draft mode so I can just log in, publish, and be finished.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Wow, you HAVE been busy. Your soaps look yummy!

  7. I so enjoyed browsing your blog today that I have signed up to follow along! It is difficult at times to keep up...but no worries that is the beauty of can step away from time to time and pick right back up where you left off!

    Pop on over for a visit when you get a chance...I saw your link on my sister's blog, Saturday Finds! ♥

  8. Fun! My sister is more the stamper than I am but I love all the incredible lettering and fonts that seem to be coming out lately!


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