Saturday, 11 December 2010

Burlesque and Pastie Making!

Hi everyone!

One of my New Years Resolutions is to start Burlesque lessons or classes.
Burlesque is something I have been fascinated by for ages, and I have finally decided to bite the bullet and begin lessons.
I adore everything about burlesque, from the sheer inventiveness of the costumes and the sexy routines, to the Pin-Up inspired 'look' of the 'Burly' girls:

Burlesque to me is sexy, empowering, and an artform, none doing it better than the ultimate Pin-up, Dita Von Teese

I have been to many burlesque shows in Leeds, and have made a few 'burly' friends along the way, and have managed to pick up a few pieces to start my own kit for routines.
So far I have:
a nude bodystocking (to rhinestone)
tassel bra and knickers set
a few corsets/basques
a pair of stop-watch pasties (for an Alice in Wonderland theme)
a pair of heart pasties ( for a Queen Of Hearts routine)

and a Burlesque Handbook, (which details pastie patterns, moves for routines, lots of information for  beginners, its fab!)

When I recieved the pasties in the post, I realised that it wouldnt be too hard to make my own, they would be unique, I would have fun creating them and I could save a few pennies along the way! win-win!
All I needed was a glue gun, fabric for the actual pastie (I used felt) strips of sequins, plenty of patience and Voila!

For a first attempt, I dont think these are too bad. Yes, they are slightly misshapen, the glue is visible, and they are not completely identical, but I am very proud of my first pair of homemade pasties!
Although I will never wear these in a routine, I will always keep them as a souvineer.

What are YOUR thoughts on Burlesque?

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