Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Loves, Lusts and Inspirations #1

Hi everyone!

Just because,  here are a few pics  (stolen from Google) that im either lusting after, find inspiring, or just think is simply beautiful! There is a really random mix of pictures (and not many words!)
But I hope this gives you more of an insight of what makes me swoon!

                                                   How stunning is this sewing box?

                                                         I adore herbs and spices

                                         Ahoy Sailor! This is my signiture style come summer! <3

                                                                      Complete LUST!!!

                    These are stunning, beautiful packaging, shades, scent  - whats not to love?

                                  Ah, Rainbow Brite, a girl hero straight out of my childhood :)

                                                          Peonies make me smile :)

                                                                      An Icon

      My signature scent <3

                                               What girl DOESNT like Tiffany and Co?

I hope you find this as inspiring as me :)

What makes YOUR heart melt?


  1. Hello :)

    I’m glad you liked my upholstery, I’m a little smitten with home made projects at the moment, I blame a certain Miss Allsopp. That chair was one of my favourites to do, simply because I paid so little, if all went wrong I wasn’t going to loose out. So I just literally got on with it and the results paid off!

    I think we have a similar taste in such things…eBay, patchwork quilts, Kirstie’s homemade home, charity shops, Tiffany, I could go on forever!

    And my lovely boyfriend is called Simon too, haha! We could be twins!
    The wreath is stunning, I know Kirstie is one for making wreaths, but I am so inspired that you found all the pinecones outside, so thrifty.

    Welcome to the blogging world. I am forever inspired by fellow crafty bloggers, and love nothing more than meeting fellow minded people x

  2. What a lovely comment! Thanks for being my first follower Alice :)

    Your fantastic Blog was one of the first I found, and it got my fingers itchy for crafting, so you are part responsible for the creations and inspirations behind this blog!

    I know what you mean about our similar tastes, my last post would have gone on and on and on, I had to force myself to stop adding pictures!

    Thanks for the lovely comment Alice, I hope you have an amazing christmas :) xx

  3. Hello! I really like your blog, I'd love to know how you get on if you do start burlesque lessons! Where oh where is that sewing box from? I love it, and Santa's bringing me a sewing machine for Christmas so it could be the perfect accompaniment!

  4. Oh thank you :) Its great to hear from like-minded people!
    The sewing box/table is stunning isnt it? It was on Ebay a few weeks ago, unfortunately collection only and too far away in Bristol, but i bought a similar one in plain brown oak from Ebay, and im going to customise my own, so watch this space! Maybe you could do one too then we can swap pics!
    I think the burlesque classes start in March, and i will definately be posting pictures on here, and let you know how i get on :)
    What are you planning on making with your sewing machine?

  5. Oh there's some lovely ones on ebay! We've got no room in our flat any more though so a sewing shoe box will have to do for now! Although I'm hoping to customise a wooden thing that I bought at the weekend (have a look at my blog, I have absolutely no idea what it is!!) so maybe I could use that...

    I've been buying a lot of lovely floral dresses from charity shops recently, and wearing them tucked up to make short (over leggings) so I will shorten all those properly. And I have a few bits of fabric that I want to make into dresses...but have no idea how...yet!

  6. I LOVE charity shops, I buy a good 70% of my clothes/random/furniture/books in them! (the other 30% probably come from Ebay!)

    Im still figuring out my sewing machine too, but i hope to (eventually) transform a few clothes that dont-fit-but-are-too-cute-to throw-out too :)

    btw, the furniture you mention is a great buy, it definately has sewing box potential :)

  7. Haha, I'm probably 50% charity shop, 20% ebay, and 30% Dorothy Perkins' never-ending online sale!

    Argh, I can't believe I'm getting my sewing machine this week, we'll have to compare efforts if you do figure yours out!

  8. everygirl loves tiffanys


  9. Hi! I'm curious of the rainbow brite image. Is this an iron-on? do u know where it came from? Its perfect for Valentine's week. Thank you for showing it on here! - Violette Waters -


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