Sunday, 5 December 2010

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

Hi everyone!

As this week was the start of December, I felt the time was right to
put up my christmas tree and decorations!
As mentioned in my last post, I made a rustic festive wreath (for a first attempt, I thought it was quite good, and I was rather pleased with it!) which just made me itch to put up the rest of my varied xmas decorations. (im absolutely LOVING wreaths at the moment, and have five in my living room alone!)
I have lots of decorations,some that have travelled with us from our flat, and I seem to add to them each year. They vary from homemade (not by me, though!) to the tacky (them horrible ceiling garland things) to the beautiful (I think Pionsettia plants are pure christmas, and look gorgeous dotted around the house)
I love finding festive decorations in charity shops, as I like that what they stock is random,items that are one-offs and not likely to be stocked in all the shops.

The above pic is of my fireplace in my living room, (there are clear fairy lights behind the tinsel, which look stunning when switched on)
 I feel that the countdown to christmas really has begun when Simon, Lucy and I are snuggled on the sofa, under the duvet on an evening, with hot chocolate and marshmallows (or a glass of Bailey's, yum!) watching christmas films like Home Alone or Jack Frost (its a tradition every year, I love festive movies!) with the tree lights on and candles lit, pure bliss!

                                                       tree lights off

                                                         tree lights on

I love traditional looking tree's with baubles, candy canes, bows and lights all randomly chucked on, rather than fibre optic or 'dressed' trees, for me, I think too much 'matching' ruins the whole point of the decorations :(

As you can see, the floor beneath my tree is free from presents, and although I do like to have them all wrapped and ready to be put under the tree when I get my boxes of decorations from the loft (well, make Simon get them!), I have not been very organised this year, and havent  finished my Crimbo shopping yet, although hopefull will have by the weekend!

What gives you the festive feeling? 

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