Monday, 6 December 2010

Charity Shop Bargains

Hi everyone!

Since my last post, I have been busy looking for different fabrics for my patchwork quilt, and my search began with my favorite pastime - Charity Shopping!
There are five charity shops near where I live, and I often find myself eagerly rummaging through plenty of random discarded tat, searching for a special something, thats destined to come home with me.
So there I was, rifling through the rails that house donated curtains, bedding, cushion covers ect, when I came across this:

I couldny believe my luck! there is at least 3 metres of blue gingham 'remnant' fabric, for just £2.99! Bargain!
I think this fabric will look great randomly placed among the florals and stripes of my patchwork quilt!

I also found a couple of duvet covers with amazing floral patterns, which I am going to cut into 4'' squares, also to be used in my quilt.
(Im getting there, soon I can start sewing :)

As I was on my way out of the door, I noticed a new Christmas display shelf, which wasnt there previously, and my heart melted when I saw what was on it:

Although I dont even drink tea (besides Fruit Fusions) I just HAD to have this! Isnt it the most cutest thing ever? And, of course, its so Christmassy, I simply couldnt refuse!
Next to the teapot, was something else that I have been after for ages, to literally 'top off' a homemade Xmas present for my friend Emma :)

I was SO pleased to come across these two brand-new stunning bottle toppers, because for the last month or so, I have been trawling Ebay, looking for the perfect corks to top off her bottle of homemade Gin sipping liquour and having no luck, but now I have found them!
So back to the till I went, where I was thrilled/astounded to find that both the teapot and the bottle toppers in total came to a whopping £1.99!

 That really made my day! :)

What bargains have you found recently?

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