Monday, 27 December 2010

Xmas With A Difference!

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and Boxing day, Mine was somewhat eventful...

An hour or two after my last post on Christmas Day, I was serving up Christmas Dinner for 8 people (my family came to my house this year) and everyone was seated around the table.
I went to serve the carrot and swede mash which I had just gotten out of the oven (I had made it earlier, and was being kept hot) and the Pyrex dish it was in exploded in my hands, cutting open my wrist and finger, resulting in an unexpected trip to A&E!

                              (Despite the dramatic picture, my sister drove me!)

After X-rays on my wrist and finger to check for glass fragments, and a consultation with a Plastic Surgeon, it was concluded that I had a deep enough cut on my finger to expose the tendon, and had severed the nerve endings, which meant that I needed an operation to check how much damage had been done to the exposed tendon, and to stitch up the gash on my wrist, which was quite deep, but not serious.

                                          unfortunately, he wasnt my doctor :(

As the operation could be done under local anaesthetic, I was bandaged up and allowed to go home (for a belated Christmas Dinner, minus carrot and swede mash!) and return to the Leeds General Infirmary at 8am Boxing Day for my op.

                                                    Leeds General Infirmary

So bright and eary sunday morning, Simon and I booked in for my op, and I went to theatre around 10am. Everything went well, with no damage done to the tendon, so I was stiched, glued and bandaged up, then sent back to the ward to wait to be discharged.
I was finally allowed home around 2pm, armed with antibiotics, and letter instructing me to return in 2 weeks for stitches removing.

                                                           The Patient!
    Hope your Christmas and Boxing day were less eventful than mine!


  1. oh wow that's pretty scary, hope you're feeling better! Thanks for the comment.
    I'm a new follower. Get better soon xo

  2. oh my god! that's terrible! hope you are ok now... hope you get better soon!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  3. thanks guys, I appreciate your comments :)

    Im ok, I just need to rest my arm, so im getting waited on, which cant be bad!
    I just need a little bell! ;)

  4. oh no, how awful, hopefully it will mend quickly

  5. Oh my god! I have just read this, this sounds like a very dramatic Christmas for you. I do hope you are okay now, thats the main thing :) x


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