Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Santa Baby....

Hi everyone!

As its only three (THREE!) sleeps to Christmas Day, and im sure I have been a good girl all year (mostly!), I thought I'd share a few things that I wouldnt mind finding in my stocking (homemade, of course!)  or under the tree on Christmas morning (just in case Santa Clause happens to stumble across my blog :)

In no particular order my lil heart desires:

 Im a perfume whore, I will wear any nice fruity/floral scent, but I rarely try new a perfume unless it is bought as a present

 This is self explanitory!

 Just because im a Haribo girl at heart, I'd much rather find these in the depths of my stocking than a boring old orange! :)

The iphone, Yeah, dream on Sam!

 Again - no need to explain, the cover says it all!

 Purple GHD's , Ive wanted these for sooooo long, but I refuse to pay the extortionate retail price for a pair of straighteners

 Ahhh, Audrey :)

MAC brush set - the Holy Grail of makeup application?
Ive heard so many conflicting opinions on these, maybe I need to try them for myself :)

What goodies are You hoping to find under the tree this Cristmas?


  1. The purple hair straighteners look amazing !

  2. Hi! yes, they're so gorgeous, ive been after them for ages, but cant seem to part with the £120 to get them, especially since the pair I have (non-GHD'S) are working fine :(
    have you tried GHD's? are they worth the money?

  3. Oh i have the Cath Kidston book! Everything in the book is so cute! But i think they made the instructions a bit confusing, so it sounds harder than it actually is! But that might be because i'm not that great at sewing so don't know all the terms :P

    And i definitely want the homemade home book! I've been watching the show, and even rewatching old ones >_<


  4. Thanks for commenting everyone!

    Anna, iv heard today that the homemade home series is on DVD too! if so, im gunna try and track it down, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show :)

    Im so glad the Cath Kidston book is good, Id be gutted to find it was full of nonsense stuff that no-one would make.

    What do you Guys hope to recieve this xmas?

  5. Hellooo eventually!! love the blog :)

    I am getting kirsties book tooo! I have the sew one, its fabulous! I have made the oven gloves, hot water bottle cover, apron, cosmetics bag and carry bag! so many good proects!

    Dont get mac brushes, the BEST ones are crown brushes and soooo cheap!! The angled blenders only like £3 and i use it everday and get compliments on how well my eyeshadow is blended!! Each year i get 5-6 crown brushes, as opposed to like 1 mac brush!

    Oh and haribo yum yum :)


  6. Thanks Lil :)

    So pleased you like it, im not very good with computer stuff, so wasnt sure how my blog would turn out!

    Oh yes, you mentioned the crown brushes in your blog, i didnt realise they were that good! I will be buying myself some of those :) I really cant wait for the Cath Kidston book - I saw the ovengloves in your posts, soo cute!

    Mmm, Haribo :)

  7. Hello lovely, thank you for following my blog. I love all the little pics and links, and I will be checking them out as soon as I get rid of this bug I have at the moment. Happy Holidays! xx

  8. I would be happy to get any of those! Great picks! I love your website :) Come visit me, doll! And follow if you'd like on Bloglovin or GoogleConnect.


    MERRY CHRISTMAS! xoxo, Summer


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