Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Stay Tuned.....

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned in my last post, I have managed to get my left arm/hand bandaged up, which has really frustrated me, as there are a number of  crafty type projects that I wanted to get on with and share with you guys, which, for now, have to remain on hold :(

One project i'm keen to get on with, is my patchwork quilt (mentioned in my first post). I have finally gotten all 200+ of mixed 4'' cotton squares, and was dying to make a start on it. The picture below is what im hoping to achieve:

Another re-vamp/customisation-type project im itching to start is customising an old dark-oak sewing table that I purchased from eBay, which features a lid that lifts up to reveal cute sewing compartments:

 I have always wanted a cute sewing box/table and fell in love with the idea of customising my own after seeing this beauty recently:

Im hoping to completely repaint and add a floral paper or design to the top and/or sides.
(I have not completely decided on what paint and design I was thinking of, maybe a cream or white toned paint, shabby-chic style, and a Laura Ashley/Cath Kidston design similar to the one above -  maybe something like these?)

(When I finally get cracking on this project, I will post before and after pics, and possibly a step-by-step, so you can follow my progress/disasters!)

What do you think about re-vamping perfectly good furniture? Let me know your thoughts and/or ideas :)


  1. Love the coffee table!! I want one NOW! Hope your arm/hand is getting better :(:(
    Back to crafts in the new year? :) Love the quilt, How big will it be!? xxx

  2. Thanks Lil! Happy Birthday!

    Definately back to the sewing/crafts as soon as my stitches come out, in about 2 weeks, cant wait!
    Im going to play it by ear on the size of the quilt, see how I get on :)
    have you any projects coming up?

  3. Hi Samantha...and OMG about your Christmas Day accident! Hope you are able to get some crafting happening really soon. A couple of things I MUST point out, now that I've read some of your blog...love the idea of remodelling the table, and I'm a Laura Ashley fan from way back (and Cath Kidston is also a favourite)...I too have a Cavalier KC (his name is Clancy and he is nearing 12 years old)...love just about everything on your Chrissy wish list...and am your newest follower :) Thanks so much for leaving me a comment...it's the best way for me to find great blogs to read!

  4. Hi! and thank you for following and taking time to leave comments, they really make my day :)

    Cavelier KC are THE most beautiful dogs arnt they? What colour is Clancy? Lucy is a gorgeous Ruby :)
    I could about talk dogs/Laura Ashley/Cath Kidston/reupholstering ect forever!

    I love finding new blogs and people that completely inspire me, yours included!

    Hope you had a great Christmas x

  5. I love the sew box/table, I think this will be a great project. You know I love re-vamping furniture, it just gives it a personal touch and you can do it the way you want :)
    Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston prints are so beautiful, can't wait to see this project unfold xx

  6. Hi there, Happy New Year, and I've just looked at my Shabby Polka dots shop blog, and realised you'd commented on 15/12 - sorry I haven't got back to you!!
    You did ask about using duvets etc for patchwork. Well as long as they are in decent condition then why not. They would also be good for backing the quilt too. Ideal way of acquiring fabric, if from a charity shop, or car boot sale. Even a new one in the sales.
    One quilt I made was from a pair of Laura Ashley curtains I got from a car boot sale for £1.00!! Now that is thrifty : )
    Love your blog, and think that the furniture re-vamp is an excellent idea!! Can't wait to see what you do : )

    Sharon xx

  7. Happy New Year to you as well!!! Thanks for your comment. Wow I love that sewing table - I'd love one but sadly have not even enough room to swing a cat around in my tiny bedroom!!!! I can but dream of having a dedicated craft room one of these days!!!! Love the idea of patchwork as well.


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